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Anti-corrosion Vinyl Ester Resin

Anti-corrosion Vinyl Ester Resin

Anti-corrosion Vinyl Ester Resin
Anti-corrosion Vinyl Ester ResinAnti-corrosion Vinyl Ester ResinAnti-corrosion Vinyl Ester ResinAnti-corrosion Vinyl Ester ResinAnti-corrosion Vinyl Ester Resin
CategoriesVinyl Ester Resin
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BrandTengKun Environmental
Product NameVinyl Ester Resin for Industry
Keywordsvinyl ester resin
ModelVE936 & VE937
ApplicationSolvent-based Paint
AppearanceLiquid Viscous Paint
FeatureFast Drying
Gradesuper grade
FOB portQingdao port
Terms of PaymentL/C, Western Union, T/T
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Update Time2019-06-18
Detail Information
Quick Details
CAS No.:
Other Names:
Place of Origin:
Shandong, China (Mainland)
Main Raw Material:
Appliance Paint, Boat Paint, Building Coating, Car Paint, Electrical Insulating Varnish, Furniture Paint, Paper Coating, Plastic Coating, Road Marking Paint, Rubber Coating
Application Method:
Based on details projects
Liquid Coating
Brand Name:
Model Number:
Product Name:
Best Selling Liquid Epoxy Resin for Industry
Solvent-based Paint
Liquid Viscous Paint
Fast Drying
super grade

Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details
In iron drums, 200 kg/drum, or as requested 
about 16 tons per 20' container.
Delivery Time

Vinyl ester resin is a kind of modified epoxy resin gotten from bisphenol or phenolic epoxy resin and methylacrylic acid reaction, commonly called VE.

Vinyl Ester Resin is adhering to the excellent charachteristic of epoxy resin, excellent in curing and molding, be widely used in environmental corrosion protection, transportation, new energy, ship, yacht and other fields.

1.good mechanical properties

2.low viscosity, good cohesiveness and infiltrative to glass fiber

3.good molding properties

4.high hydrolytic stability

5.excellent resistance to acid, alkali, salt and other checmicals

6.wide range of curing time, normal atmospheric temperature curing is good for construction.

7.good toughness and Anti fatigue strength

8.waterproofing, heat resistance, corrosion resistance.



1. VE936

Advantages: Good moldingand mechanical properties, can resist most of the acid, alkali and salt under 100℃.

Applications: corrosion resistant EPR products,glass flake coating and daub,food industry with FDA certificate.

2. VE937

Advantages: good seepage resistance, leakproof, tightness, toughness and fatigue resistance

Application: corrosion resistant EPR products, gelmatrix resion


1.Chemical industry: all kinds of FRP tanksand pipes, FRP chimney, anti-corronsion FRP lining equipment, sewage waste water pool and other glass fiber reinforced plastics’ lining, resin mortar floor, etc.

2.Color-alkali industry: Various of FRP devices(storage tank, waste gas absorption tower, prevent mist tower, HCL scrubber exhaust, refined salt, chlorine sink, The chlorine water seal tank, pure water circulating tank, etc.), brine storage tank, electrolytic tank, anti-corrosion brick floor, sewage pool and other anti-corrosion projects.

3.Sulfurie acid industry: sulfuric acid dilution device, FGD desulphurization, heat concentrated acid tower, washing tower, denitation tower, drying tower, nitrate abosorption tower, humidifying tower, chimney, workshop floor, sewage pool and other anti-corrosion projects.

4.Nonferrous metallurgy: electrolytic cell, desulphurization, FRP electric demister, absorption tower, , high slot, circular groove, relay tank, storage tank, piping system, fan, cleaning tank and other anti-corrosion projects.

5.Chemical fiber and paper: FRP equipment, anti-corrosion coating, aldehyde liquid system, neutralizing tank, pulp bleaching tower, sewage pool, workshop floor and other anti-corrosion projects.

6.Food and drug:all kinds of FRP equipments, high purity water equipemnt, water tratment device, soy sauce brewing tank, fermentation tank, GMP floor, reflect equipment, neutralizing tank and other anti-corrosion projects

7.Iron and steel industry: stainless steel pickling acid anti-corrosion, blast furnace gas desulfurization projects and other anti-corrosion equipments and projects.

8.Petrochemical industry: storage tank, piping, tower, chimney, FRP cover, pull rod, dust collecting device, washer, fan, fertilizer granulation tower, hood, whole FRP grating, ammonia desulphurization device, etc.

9.Elevtronic industry: all kinds of electronic factories’s anti-corrosion, including sewage pool, vinyl resion self-leveling floor,, hydrofluoric acid resistant system, conducting electrostatic floor, FRP plating bath, electrophoresis tank lining, fan, flame retardant duct, etc.

10.Electrical energy: FDG flue as desulfurization equipment, anti-corrosion lining, smoke chimney tower, brine pipeline, whole FRP chimney, spraying pipe, wear-resistant slag discharge, cooling tower and other anti-corrosion projects. 


Packing and Delivery:

In dry iron drum, 200kg per drum, or as requested.

1. Drums-store at temperatures below 25°C/77°F, Storage life decreases with increasing storage temperature,

2. Keep away from flames, fire and sparks, and no smoking, avoid exposure to heat sources such as direct sunlight or steam pipes,

3. Store separately from oxidizing materials, peroxides and metal salts,

4. Keep container closed tightly when not in use, don’t store outdoors, and avoid contamination of product with water.

5. Should be refrigerated truck transport from May to October, suggest to transport at night, any inappropriate storage and transportation will lead to reduced resin shelf life;

6. remove the drum top to replace the air and agitate in a period of time can extended the resin shelf life. 
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