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How to get rid of the "kingdom" of plastic waste?

How to get rid of the "kingdom" of plastic waste?

Issue Time:2018-08-08
How to get rid of the "kingdom" of plastic waste?

According to people's daily, the world uses 5 trillion plastic bags every year. According to the current development speed and usage, it is estimated that more than 119 billion tons of plastic waste will be generated in the world by 2050.
Such massive garbage is generated by the accumulation of production and life. The plastic bags in the rubbish bin of the office building, the plastic bags provided by the shopping mall and the supermarket, a cup after a cup after a cup, and all kinds of plastic padding in the express package... Then, you can see that the trash bin is filled with various plastic bottles, and a bucket of plastic lunch boxes are shipped out of a barrel in the office building. People are walking into the "kingdom" of their own plastic garbage.
The introduction of "plastic limiting order" has effectively controlled the demand for plastic bags in supermarket shopping, and the present food boxes made from non degradable plastics and the filling in the express boxes have become the new source of plastic waste pollution. If we take this important step in these fields, we will have a new path to solve the predicament of the plastic garbage besieged city.
From the source to reduce the consumption and production of plastic waste, through business super, hotel, catering, takeout platform, e-commerce platform, the Internet media platform, community, campus and other channels, will "reduce plastic". In the end processing, we should also fill in the absence of garbage sorting and recycling management.
Plastic waste has not been properly treated, which not only causes a great waste of resources, but also aggravates environmental pollution and climate warming. Less than 1/10 of plastic products will be recycled. This data fully proves that the garbage collection link is lagging behind.
In view of this, it is urgent to establish and improve the garbage collection system. Garbage disposal is the prerequisite for good post processing. Of course, if we want to establish a perfect resource recovery system, we must enhance the value of the whole industrial chain and further promote the industrialization and marketization of waste recovery.

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