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Geomembrane application characteristics

Geomembrane application characteristics
Issue Time:2018-05-22
Geomembrane application characteristics
1. Geomembrane is suitable for environmental protection and environmental sanitation: such as landfills, sewage treatment plants, power plant conditioning pools, industrial, hospital solid waste, etc.;
2, hdpe impermeable membrane for water conservancy projects: such as rivers and lakes reservoir dam embankment seepage, plugging, reinforcement, seepage control, vertical heart wall, slope protection, etc.
3, ldpe geomembrane in the municipal engineering: subway, underground construction projects, planting roof, roof garden, sewage pipe seepage prevention
 Polyethylene impermeable membrane is suitable for gardens: artificial lakes, river courses, reservoirs, pond bottoms of golf courses, slope protection, green lawns, etc.
High-density polyethylene geomembrane for petrochemical applications: chemical plants, oil refineries, storage tank impervious, chemical reaction tanks, linings for sedimentation tanks, secondary linings, etc.
 Polyethylene geomembrane for mining: washing tanks, heap leaching tanks, ash dumps, dissolving tanks, sedimentation tanks, yards, tailings, etc.
Low-density polyethylene membranes for traffic facilities: basic reinforcement of roads, impervious culverts
Impermeable membrane for agriculture: impervious to reservoirs, drinking water pools, reservoirs, irrigation systems
Applicable aquaculture industry: Intensive, factory-farming ponds, fish ponds, inner lining of shrimp ponds, sea cucumber ring slope protection, etc.
High Density Polyethylene Anti-seepage Membrane for Salt Industry: Salt Field Crystallization Tank, Halogen Tank Cap, Salt Film, Salt Pond Plastic Film

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