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What are the main concerns when printing plastic bags?

What are the main concerns when printing plastic bags?
Issue Time:2018-05-08
Plastic bags are generally divided into two kinds, one is printed on the plastic bag with a supermarket logo, there are some links and other advertisements; the other is a simple plastic bag, nothing printed.
First of all, to filter plastic bag printing manufacturers, I believe that do not have to do too much to introduce it, a plastic bag manufacturers with larger scale and strength, can provide customers with better products, their products in safety and environmental protection In terms of degree, they cannot be compared by small manufacturers.
Secondly, the choice of printing materials for plastic bags is actually very important, because among the materials used to produce plastic bags, there is a polypropylene material, which is a poisonous, harmful and highly polluting material that can be used once. In the custom-made plastic bags you print, it is a very dangerous thing.
Finally, the problem of controlling the printing size of plastic bags, this problem is not big, that is not small, when custom-made plastic bags, the size of the plastic bag must be made clear, and then according to the size of the plastic bag printing, This customized plastic bag can meet the needs of customers.

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