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What is the raw material of glass flake mastic?

What is the raw material of glass flake mastic?

Issue Time:2018-01-24

The main raw material of glass flake clay is glass flake. Will be a certain diameter and thickness of the glass flake, respectively, with various types of corrosion-resistant resins mixed with special machinery formulated into a clay or paint, and then mud trowel, high pressure airless gun and other tools coated on the treated metal surface or Other surfaces to be protected, linings or coatings obtained after room temperature cure. It is different from the FRP is to change the continuous fiber filler for the discontinuous scale coating.

General glass flake coating is mainly applied to the flue gas desulfurization equipment, absorption tower flue, accident slurry tank, limestone slurry tank, drainage, waste disposal devices and other aspects. Through the glass flake coating can greatly reduce the corrosion effect, can well extend the service life. It is currently the most widely used anti-corrosion products.

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