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What are the key issues for geomembrane?

What are the key issues for geomembrane?

Issue Time:2018-01-23

In order to ensure seepage impermeable geomembrane play its due role, should pay attention to some of the key issues:

    1. Exterior protection Impermeable geomembrane made of polymer is easy to be degraded or destroyed by sunlight ultraviolet ray reflection. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the sealing and sun shading at all stages of storage, transportation and construction, especially in the construction process, it should be shortened as much as possible Exposed time, should be paved with soil cover.

Impervious geomembrane material. Impervious geomembrane of a variety of original information, should be based on local climatic conditions to stop the proper choice. For example, in the icy zone, the geomembrane should be considered at low temperatures will not brittle damage, can affect the quality of welding; the key to see some of the chemical composition of soil and water quality will not bring to the geomembrane or binder Adverse effects.

3.Drainage, exhaust problems. Laying seepage impermeable geomembrane, due to various reasons, the membrane may be accumulated gas, water, if they do not drain away, may be damaged due to the backing.

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