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How to prevent the aging of geomembrane?

How to prevent the aging of geomembrane?

Issue Time:2018-01-23

First of all, impermeable geomembrane used in canal seepage control engineering, as the inherent characteristics of polymer materials, can not be completely eliminated, but effective measures can be used to extend its service life. On the one hand is to join the original material in the geomembrane anti-aging agent, can inhibit the light, oxygen, heat and other external factors on the role of materials, if you do not add anti-aging agent, it is necessary impermeable geomembrane construction process, to take Corresponding measures, as far as possible to shorten the exposure of materials in sunlight, covered with geotechnical or deep water, thus preventing the aging of geomembrane. In civil engineering and water conservancy projects, often encounter complex terrain, geological and environmental bad construction will have a lot of impact on the life of the project, but impermeable geomembrane can not only extend the life of civil engineering, shorten the construction time and save raw materials , But also can reduce construction costs.

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