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Custom supermarket shopping bags need to pay attention to what issues?

Custom supermarket shopping bags need to pay attention to what issues?

Issue Time:2018-01-23

Plastic bags are everywhere in life, and the supermarket shopping bag is one of the plastic bags we find most commonly, especially in large supermarkets and shopping malls, where vests are used for shopping. Under normal circumstances, the supermarket shopping bags will be printed on the supermarket logo or supermarket promotional information, this printed plastic bags are needed to find specialized custom plastic bag manufacturers, then the supermarket shopping bags need to pay attention to when custom What problems?


  First, the choice of plastic bag manufacturers, supermarket bags in the choice of custom-made manufacturers, we must choose the regular, safe, qualified production of qualified manufacturers. Because ordinary manufacturers may not have better protection in terms of environmental protection and safety, users can not get better security when using the supermarket shopping bag.


  Second, the choice of supermarket shopping bag materials and size specifications, in general, the plastic bags commonly used materials are mainly two kinds, one is polyethylene, one is non-woven, these two kinds of material has the essential nature The difference is that polyethylene is made of plastic material and non-woven fabric is environment-friendly and durable. Therefore, we can use it appropriately with regard to material selection. Only in this way can shopping bags better serve the mass consumers. About the size of shopping bags, usually by several small medium and large, specific consulting plastic bag manufacturers.


  Third, the choice of supermarket shopping bag specifications, plastic bags are the size of the points, the choice of custom made sure to grasp the size of the plastic bag, because once customized can not be changed.

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