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Sustainable plastic packaging trends

Sustainable plastic packaging trends

Issue Time:2018-01-23

  In recent years, our country has put forward a series of important ideas in the field of environmental protection, which shows that our environmental protection work is at a stage of historic change. Moreover, environmental protection has become the will of the party and the state, and environmental protection is facing a rare development opportunity. At present, the state in the face of the financial crisis, we should how to position environmental protection? In fact, since the beginning of this year, leaders of the CPC Central Committee and State Council, including the general secretary, including the premier have all done a series of instructions. The central idea is that environmental protection can only be strengthened and can not be relaxed.


  Second, we want to share with you the management of packaging waste from the perspective of solid waste management. First of all, the management of solid waste in China situation, it should be said that our environmental protection started from the waste, beginning with waste water, waste gas, waste, solid waste management refers to waste, has been an integral part of environmental management. At present, our country solid waste management faces a serious challenge, how to say? We all talk about the three principles of waste, reducing the amount of resources, harmless, the first reduction. But in fact, our waste generation only increased unabated. Here I split a bit, the traditional waste, generally speaking of industrial waste, including waste, as well as household waste, which belongs to the traditional waste. At a time when China's economy is developing so fast and people's consumption level continues to rise, some non-traditional wastes have emerged. This means more and more wastes are being generated in the area of ​​consumption. As we discussed today, there may be a few Ten years ago we would not consider packaging waste as a problem, because the packaging industry is not very developed, people do not consume much of this process, so there is no such problem. Including the current e-waste, including waste cars, scrap tires, are all generated in the process of consumption. I have spent 10 years in this area of ​​dry wastes, and now I have also become a professional problem, looking at everything like waste. The microphones in front of me may have become waste after 10 years. Like computers have not gone through ten years. After three years they have become wastes. The bridges and buildings may actually have a longer life expectancy, but they may also have a century-long history. After a hundred years, Will become waste, so construction waste is also a big problem.


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