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Garbage bag classification and clever use of trash bags

Garbage bag classification and clever use of trash bags

Issue Time:2018-01-23

  Garbage bags, Its role is to put rubbish, a small bag,bring every family a lot of convenience. Garbage bags currently on the market are divided into flat and star bottom, flat-bottomed garbage bags, large capacity. Star bottom garbage bags can bear strong capacity.

  In daily life, the usefulness of garbage bags is very large, large to the hospital and streets, small kitchen and toilets,how to choose practical garbage bags? First of all, virgin material garbage bags more durable easy to poke; Secondly, the thick garbage bags are not easy to break, flexible, you can install more garbage,save trash bags; Finally, choose to the garbage bag with rope,is conducive to garbage disposal.If the trash bags are easy to leak and difficult to shut down, environmental workers are scattered around the garbage and are not conducive to environmental protection.

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