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Geomembrane testing methods:

Geomembrane testing methods:

Issue Time:2018-01-23

First, the visual method: HDPE geomembrane welding is good, observe whether the missed access, whether the seam is hot, with or without wrinkles, whether stitching and so on.

    Second, on-site pressurized leak detection method: pressure detection using inflation method to detect all the welds, the weld is double, the test section ends of the welding seal, insert the gas needle, inflated to 0.05 mpa ~ 0.20 mpa, quietly 0.5 min, observe the vacuum table, such as no pressure drop, indicating no leakage, weld qualified and found the problem to find out the reasons for timely repair. HDPE geomembrane anchorage is an important part of the upper and lower part of the strict implementation of engineering design standards and supervision and acceptance.

After the completion of the construction of the sample sampling, HDPE geomembrane construction every about 1000 ㎡ take a test piece, do the tensile strength test, the tensile strength of not less than 80%, the specimen fracture in the seams. A total of construction site weld samples were taken, testing requirements pass rate of 100%, weld quality.

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